What to look for when buying a flat or other property in Warsaw?

Buying an apartment, whether for yourself or as an investment, for example for rent, is one of the most important decisions in the life of every human being. It is necessary to take into account many factors, such as the location, size and layout of the rooms, the infrastructure existing in the area, the technical condition of the building and, of course, the price. Navigating the Warsaw real estate market is not easy, especially for someone who does not have a thorough knowledge of the city. Therefore, in this article I will tell you what I, as a real estate agent from Warsaw, advise my clients.

Location – the most important issue when buying a property

Warsaw is a large city whose districts have their own specificity. Matching the location to the customer – his lifestyle, needs and preferences – is one of the most important tasks facing real estate agencies in Warsaw.

The location determines not only the price, but also the type and standard of available properties. For example, in Sadyba, we find exclusive single-family houses, and in Konstancin – elegant apartments and flats.

Only a real estate agent who knows Warsaw very well will be able to offer you a flat that fully meets your expectations.

Infrastructure – access to transport, shopping and entertainment

The second important issue when purchasing a flat in Warsaw is access to infrastructure. The close presence of metro stations and communication nodes is essential for the price of the property, as well as for the comfort of its use. That is why even districts located far from the city center, but well communicated, such as Ursynów or Bielany can be quite expensive.

At the same time, it depends on the surrounding infrastructure, what activities you can take while living in a given place and what kind of entertainment and recreation will you have access to. Knowing your needs in this fields is extremely important in my work. Only by understanding your expectations, a real estate agent will be able to offer you a suitable flat in Warsaw.

The size, layout and condition of the flat

Such parameters as size, layout of rooms and technical condition of the apartment should be tailored to the needs and possibilities (including finances) of the client. Here again the location is important, because individual districts of Warsaw offer different types of buildings, and hence, properties with different parameters.

The direct price of the property can not be the only factor influencing the purchase decision. Poor technical condition of the building may cause the renovation of the apartment to absorb so much resources that a better choice would be to buy an initially more expensive object, but in a better condition. However, if you decide to buy a flat in Warsaw for renovation, I will help you find a competent construction team. My goal is to help not only in making a purchase transaction, but also in the entire investment process.

Price, or how not to overpay

The Warsaw real estate market is full of pitfalls and dangers. It is obvious that the seller wants to earn as much as possible on the transaction. Unfortunately, many people think that foreign investors are naïve and it is easy to persuade them to pay a higher price than the market one. One of the most important tasks facing Warsaw real estate agents and their agencies is to ensure that the client will not be fooled and overpay.

Coming to me, you have absolute certainty that I will be guided only by hard data and specific calculations. Sellers and buyers often approach the transaction emotionally, which makes it difficult to assess the value of the property objectively. The agent’s task is to bring the conversation to a concrete level and negotiate a price adequate to the location, technical condition and parameters of the property. An experienced real estate broker must be perfectly aware of the market prices specific to each district ow Warsaw, as well as factors modifying value, such as the already mentioned infrastructure and technical state.

Why is it worth to use the services of a real estate agency when buying a flat in Warsaw?

The aforementioned factors that should be taken into account when buying a flat in Warsaw mean that without perfect knowledge of the city, the market and their specificity, it is extremely difficult to make the right decision. The help of a qualified real estate sales office and an experienced agent becomes crucial for matching the apartment to your needs, expectations and preferences.

At the Biarda Estate agency in Warsaw, I will help you not only find, renovate and arrange the right property. I also provide support in negotiating and dealing with all formalities related to the purchase. I accompany you throughout the entire transaction process, taking care to meet all your requirements at a reasonable price.

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