How to sell an apartment in Warsaw effectively, quickly and profitably

The housing market in Warsaw is developing very dynamically. Rising real estate prices mean that for many, they are an excellent investment. Many people from abroad also decide to trade in real estate. In this article, I will tell you how to sell an apartment in Warsaw effectively, quickly and profitably

Determining the right price – things to consider

The first and most important step when selling an apartment is to determine its price. It is not easy at all, because the Warsaw real estate market, like any other local market, has its own rules. Only excellent knowledge of the city and applicable prices allows for an adequate assessment of the value of the property, which depends not only on the standard of the premises and equipment, but also on the location, specificity of the district, size and layout of the rooms and the current economic situation. Even factors such as the location of the apartment in the building and the floor influence the price. That is why the best idea is to use the help of an experienced real estate sales agent from Warsaw who knows those conditions well and can make an adequate valuation.

Aesthetics of the interior – the first impression is the most important

When selling an apartment, you need to think about the client and his impressions. The best selling apartments are renovated and equipped, ready to live. The first impression of the customer can decide about buying, so it is worth taking care of such matters as repainting walls, good lighting of rooms, cleanliness and tidiness.

These are obvious things, but many sellers do not have the opportunity or time to constantly look after and take care of the flat being sold. For this reason, it is a great idea to entrust the sale to an experienced real estate broker from Warsaw, who will keep the property in shape.

Good adverts and photos – how to make them and where to place them

In order to sell an apartment, you must of course reach potential clients. There are many places on the Warsaw real estate market where you can place sales announcements, but not all of them are equally effective. Choosing a place for an advert is crucial for gaining a broad customer base. The real estate agents operating in the city have experience and insight in the best ways to find the buyers. They know the popularity and effectiveness of individual advertising portals, press and other media. Thanks to this, they can easily reach a wide audience.

The announcement should contain the most important information about the premises – its location, size, layout, equipment and other facts relevant to the client. A well-written advertisement presents complete information about the property and makes it easier to make a decision. Here again, the role of a good agency is very important. The real estate agents working on the Warsaw market know the clients’ needs perfectly well, they know what they pay attention to and what they are looking for in the advertisements.

Photographs are also very important. They are the first to draw the attention of the customer, and based on them, the standard and technical condition are assessed. Pictures should be made with good equipment and appropriate lighting. It is worth creating the impression that the apartment is ready to live – equip it and take care of the smallest details, so that the client could easily imagine life in this place.

Guiding customers around the apartment – a key stage

The most important stage in the sale of real estate is the client’s visit and guiding him around the apartment. Preparation for the visit should include not only cleaning the flat, but also building the right mood. The proper interior design, decoration and even smell play a huge role. It is worth building a homely atmosphere, making the client imagine life in this place and see all its advantages.

During the visit, it is not enough to be nice and polite, it is very important to build trust by providing reliable information about the condition of the flat. There is nothing worse than omitting minor defects and imperfections that the client will notice by himself.

A client’s visit should not just be showing individual rooms. It’s good to spend a few moments in the apartment, and for example invite the client to talk over coffee in the living room.

A client’s visit is a key moment that determines his decision. During it even the smallest gestures and behaviors are important. Owners of real estate, often driven by the desire to sell quickly, are not able to create the right atmosphere and properly take care of the customer. Therefore, it is a good idea to rely on the help of a housing agency from Warsaw. Agents trained and experienced in the presentation of apartments will take care of all the details and significantly increase the chances for a successful transaction.

The sale of apartments in Warsaw is not easy. Only excellent knowledge of the market and local conditions ensures obtaining a favorable offer. At the Biarda Estate agency, I deal with the entire investment process from the valuation of the facility by finding potential clients, guiding them around the apartment, to arranging all the necessary formalities and finally concluding the contractment in Warsaw effectively, quickly and profitably

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